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Cultivation Flasks, Petri Dishes and Glassware

Culture flasks, petri dishes and cell culture tubes and test tubes for microbiology applications in the laboratory. This includes baffled Duran glass flasks, culture bottles, disposable and sterilisable petri dishes and much more.

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Dry swabs for Luminometer 3M™ Clean-Trace™ NG3 / LM1

Luminometer Clean-Trace™ LM1 Simple, quick and reliable hand held diagnostic tool to verify cl...
From SG $606.67

Fernbach baffled flasks, Pyrex ®

Fernbach baffled flasks, Pyrex ® For use in preparation of cultures. Large surface area to vol...
From SG $488.22

Petri dishes

Petri dishes Sterile, pack of 500....
From SG $460.41

Microincinerator Nova

Microincinerator Nova Cost-efficient infrared sterilizer for needles and inoculating loops made out ...
From SG $427.45

Single use cell culture flasks

Single use cell culture flasks Sterile....
From SG $389.34

Tubes, glass, DURAN ® , culture, screw cap

Tubes, glass, DURAN ® , culture, screw cap DIN thread. Complete with red PBT screw cap with PTFE...
From SG $341.96

Petri dishes Sterilin™, 2-compartments, PS

Petri dishes Sterilin™, 2-compartments, PS Suitable for all standard applications. Aseptically...
From SG $329.60

Nutrient pads

Nutrient pads Sterile, dehydrated culture media pads in petri dishes. Once they are moistened with 3...
From SG $309.00

Nunc™ Glass Bottom Dishes

Nunc™ Glass Bottom Dishes

Culture tubes, Pyrex ® , PTFE

Culture tubes, Pyrex ® , PTFE Ideal for culture work Manufactured from Pyrex ® borosilic...
From SG $294.58

Accessories for gas-safety burner schuett phoenix II

Flame sterilizer schuett easyflame Mobile device for scarfing and flame-sterilising. With piezoelect...
From SG $292.52

Spreaders L-shaped, Sterilin™, sterile

Spreaders L-shaped, Sterilin™, sterile For the homogeneous spreading of dilutions, for streaki...
From SG $287.37