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Density meter

Density Meters and Hydrometers including Pycnometers and More!

We have every type of pycnometer - alcoholometers, bennert gauges, digital density meters, hydrometers, hydrometer jars, hydrometers with thermometers, baume type, saccharometers, lactodensimeter, relative density, calibrated and non calibrated.

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Densito/DensitoPro Density Meters

Robust density meters for mobile use with easy handling and user guidance. Ideal for rapid and accurate routine measurements in quality assurance, incoming and outcoming goods inspection.
From SG $4,205.49


Pycnometers According to ISO 2811, DIN 53 217, ASTM D1475....
From SG $500.58

Turbidity meters Turb ® 430

ASTM Hydrometers, with works calibration and 3 checkpoints Precision hydrometers acc. to ASTM E2995-...
From SG $405.82

Alcoholometer, Richter-Tralles type

Alcoholometer, Richter-Tralles type 0 to 100 % mas / % Vol at reference temperature: +20°C. Wit...
From SG $289.43

ASTM Hydrometers

ASTM Hydrometers Precision hydrometers acc. to ASTM E2995-14 for determination of density for minera...
From SG $186.43

Hydrometer with Thermometer Mercury free

Environmental safe with Mercury free blue filling.Products are manufactured according ASTM E2995-14 standard and are available in 24 different measuring range.
From SG $184.37

Alcoholometer with thermometer

Alcoholometer with thermometer With thermometer from 0 to +30 °C in 1 °C, blue filling....
From SG $183.34

Alcoholometer according to E.E. 76/765

Alcoholometer according to E.E. 76/765 According to E.E. 76/765. Class II, ethanol % vol. Suitable f...
From SG $177.16

LLG-Precison-Hydrometer, Alcoholmeters, with thermometer, calibratable

LLG-Precison-Hydrometer, Alcoholmeters, with thermometer, calibratable Measuring range, graduation: ...
From SG $174.07

Hydrometers, Dr. Ammer

Hydrometers, Dr. Ammer Dr. Ammer type. For testing boiler feedwater. With integral thermometer and t...
From SG $146.26

Hydrometers, high-quality plastics, PC

Hydrometers, high-quality plastics, PC Hydrometers made of high-quality plastics (polycarbonate). B...
From SG $143.17

Hydrometer, Casagrande

Hydrometer, Casagrande Casagrande type, acc. to DIN 18123 / BS 1377. Error limit of ±0.0005 g...
From SG $125.66