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Drum pumps

Lightweight and powerful drum pumps for transferring small amounts of aqueous liquids - choose from manual or digital, with a wide range of accessories also available. Available in various flow rates and sizes from various big brands, such as Buerkle and Lutz.

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Pump set hazardous fluids for complete drum drainage

Suitable for complete drum drainage of combustible and easily flammable liquids and for use in hazardous areas

Pump set for Concentrated Acids and Alkalis

Pump set for Concentrated Acids and Alkalis
From SG $2,762.46

Withdrawal systems for solvents, stainless steel

Withdrawal systems for solvents, stainless steel Operation with compressed air or inert gas (e.g. ni...
From SG $1,881.81

Gas-tight Barrel pump

Gas-tight Barrel pump With flexible discharge tubing for drawing off into larger canisters and conta...
From SG $1,343.12

Drum pumps, mains-powered

Drum pumps, mains-powered For safe handling of environmentally hazardous and aggressive liquids as w...
From SG $1,277.20

MA II Fixed Speed Motor

Described as a 'workhorse', the MA II series of fixed speed motor is the reliable and robust option for industrial applications.
From SG $1,014.55

Solvent pump foot operated

Solvent pump foot operated for barrels up to 220L (fully adjustable) for dispensing ultrapure sol...
From SG $781.77

Flow meter

Flow meter Easy to use, compact, and can be rapidly assembled to all drum and container pumps. This ...
From SG $745.72

Solvent pump hand operated

Solvent pump hand operated For contamination-free, dispensing of organic solvents and flavouring a...
From SG $713.79

Pump Tubes for Drum and Container Pumps

Due to their carefully adapted material combinations, the modular Lutz pump tubes are suitable for almost all applications, in which thin-bodied and slightly viscous liquids need to be pumped.
From SG $1,116.52

Barrel pump, PTFE

Barrel pump, PTFE For ultrapure and aggressive liquids Made of solid, pure white PTFE, giving an ...
From SG $677.74

Barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne

Barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne Bürkle barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne with the unique hy...
From SG $671.56