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Step ladders for the vertically challenged featuring comfortable foot pads, shin-protecting padding, wheels and much more.

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Stepladders with treads and padded front edges

Stepladders with treads and padded front edges Where the focus is on working comfort. Shin-protec...
From SG $342.99

Safety steps, collapsible

Safety steps, collapsible Particularly useful for working in places where there is not a lot of he...
From SG $323.42

Folding Steps K20

Folding Steps K20 Extra wide (31 x 23 cm) treads allow the user to stand comfortably without tiring,...
From SG $124.63

Roller Steps, WEDO-Step

Roller Steps, WEDO-Step Manufactured from recyclable UV resistant polypropylene. Mounted on 3 castor...
From SG $114.33