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GE Whatman

GE Whatman Filters - Leaders in Filtration, Filter Paper and Syringe Filters

GE Whatman Filter Paper, Whatman Syringe Filters and Whatman Filters

GE Whatman filter papers and Whatman filter products are avialble from Labfriend. LabFriend have an extensive range of GE Healthcare filtration products, including the world-renowned Whatman filters. GE Healthcare's broad range of products and services allow people around the world to provide better care to people at a lower cost.

If you need assistance selecting the correct whatman filter paper or filter syringes for your application, be sure to contact LabFriend. Our customer service team is ready to help you

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Nuclepore® membrane filter, PC

Nuclepore® membrane filter, PC
From SG $242.05

Whatman PFTE Membrane Filters ‒ TE Range

Whatman PTFE membrane filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business are chemically stable and inert, making them suitable for use with aggressive organic solvents, strong acids, and alkalis.
From SG $1,594.44

Qualitative filter papers

Qualitative filter papers
From SG $214.06

Grade EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filter

EPM 2000 has been developed especially for use in high volume PM-10 air sampling equipment that collects atmospheric particulates and aerosols

Benchkote surface protector ®

Benchkote surface protector ® The upper side consists of a particularly absorbent filter paper,...
From SG $221.45

Membrane Filters, Cellulose nitrate, WCN

Membrane Filters, Cellulose nitrate, WCN Plain white. Circles. Application For prefiltration and ...
From SG $195.70

Chromatography paper, reels

Chromatography paper, reels Chromatography Paper 1 CHR The standard chromatography paper. Good re...
From SG $57.68

Chromatography paper / Ion exchange papers

Chromatography paper / Ion exchange papers Whatman chromatography papers are the most widely used pa...
From SG $132.87

Chromatography strips

Chromatography strips Divided into 12 bands, each of 15mm wide, for parallel separation of 12 sample...
From SG $198.79

CloneSaver™ Cards

CloneSaver™ Cards 96-well format for high throughput applications Stabilize BAC and plasmid...
From SG $302.82

Compressor for Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters

Compressor for Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters The compressor can process up to 6 or 8 sampl...
From SG $372.86

Disposable filtration capsules, Hepa-Cap

Disposable filtration capsules, Hepa-Cap Laminated hydrophobic glass microfibre filter. Ideal for th...
From SG $135.96