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Embedding cassettes

Histology Cassettes

Histology Cassettes available from LLG. Embedding cassettes suitable for routine tissue and biopsy processing

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Metal trays for Histology

Metal trays for Histology Made of stainless steel for easy removal of paraffin inclusions: they allo...
From SG $83.43

Embedding rings

Embedding rings Suitable for the processing and histological inclusion of pieces in paraffin. Ideal ...
From SG $76.22

LLG-Histology cassettes with detachable lid

LLG-Histology cassettes with detachable lid For routine tissue and biopsy processing and embedding. ...
From SG $72.10

Histology cassettes, POM

Histology cassettes, POM Tissue embedding cassettes for paraffin inclusions. With clip-on lid that b...
From SG $38.11

Sponge for Histology cassettes

Sponge for Histology cassettes Synthetic sponge with a calibrated porosity that can easily be insert...
From SG $28.84

Drawer boxes Styrokay

Drawer boxes Styrokay White modular drawer box with 6 drawers for histology cassettes, documents and...
From SG $12.36