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Liquid Handling

Microliter Pipettes, Bottletop Dispensers, Peristaltic Pumps, Burettes and Titrators.

Purchase Liquid handling equipment including pipettes and pumps online from the world’s leading laboratory brands. LabFriend's range of liquid handling, dispensing and micropipette brands include Eppendorf, Finn, Thermo, Socorex, Poulten & Graff, Fortuna Optifix, LLG, BRAND and more. All pipettes and accessories including pipette tips are available to order online at globally competitive prices.

LabFriend has also assembled a comprehensive range of liquid handling consumables including Pasteur pipettes, measuring flasks and cylinders to cover all of your laboratory liquid handling needs from small to large liquid volumes. All equipment sold by LabFriend is covered by our minimum 1 year warranty.

If your Laboratory is in the market to purchase pumps, dispensers, pipettes and glassware, contact LabFriend today and work with our team to ensure your lab gets the best liquid handling solution at the best price.

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Pump, peristaltic, Flowmaster FMT 300

Pump, peristaltic, Flowmaster FMT 300 Offers high flow rates from 37ml/min to 13l/min for industrial...
From SG $11,072.50

KF Titrators TitroLine 7500 ® KF / TitroLine 7500 ® KF trace

KF Titrators TitroLine 7500 ® KF / TitroLine 7500 ® KF trace You canát go wrong wit...
From SG $9,329.74

Titrators TitroLine ® 7800

Titrators TitroLine ® 7800 The TitroLine ® 7800 is the new all-rounder for potentiometric ...
From SG $9,279.27

Automatic Titrators, TitroLine ® 7000

Automatic Titrators, TitroLine ® 7000 Compact titrator with intelligent exchangeable units with...
From SG $9,012.50

Titrators TitroLine 7750 ®

Titrators TitroLine 7750 ® Titroline ® 7750 is the all-rounder for both potentiometric tit...
From SG $8,476.90

Legato® 270 / 270P Syringe Pump

The KD Scientific Legato series syringe pumps provide the smoothest most accurate flow available.
From SG $5,952.37

Peristaltic pump drives, MCP standard / MCP process

Peristaltic pump drives, MCP standard / MCP process Can be combined with over 20 pumpheads for flow ...
From SG $5,538.31

Automatic Titrators TitroLine ® 5000

Automatic Titrators TitroLine ® 5000 Very compact new titrator for simple routine titrations. T...
From SG $5,294.20

Gear pumps MCP-Z, BVP-Z, Reglo-Z/ZS, accessories

Gear pump drives, MCP-Z-Standard, MCP-Z-Process Flow rate 1 to 7241 ml/min (depending on pump-head)...
From SG $5,205.62

Pump drive PD 5201/5206

Pump drive PD 5201/5206 High precision even for flow rates starting at 0.005ml/min Optional foot-...
From SG $4,532.00

Automatic Titrators Orion Star™ T910

Automatic Titrators Orion Star™ T910 Potentiometric titrator for automatic acid/base titration...
From SG $4,442.39

Pumps, liquid, ceramic piston, valveless, BVP and MCP standard

Peristaltic pump drives, BVP-Standard / BVP-Process Can be combined with over 20 pump-heads for flow...
From SG $4,321.88