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Pipette balls

Massive Range of Pipette Balls and Bulbs

Pipette balls / bulbs and pipette teats in a variety of sizes, made from rubber to attach to pipettes to accurately measure liquids to very precise intervals. Available in safety, chemical resistant and two valve varieties, from various brands, such as Bohemia and Kleinfeld.

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Pipette teats

Pipette teats Natural rubber(NR)/Latex or Silicone (VMQ)...
From SG $37.08

Safety pipette bulb Howorka-Ball ®

Safety pipette bulb Howorka-Ball ® no rigid connection with tube no valves or side vent on ...
From SG $37.08


Bellows For Orsat apparatus. Non-rigid PVC. Red-brown. Complete with valve....
From SG $23.69

Rubber bulb, red

Rubber bulb, red A moulded rubber bulb, with three glass ball valves which can be controlled by fing...
From SG $15.45

Safety pipette bulb, Flip™, natural rubber

Safety pipette bulb, Flip™, natural rubber Only two operating points Evacuate via automatic...
From SG $8.24

Safety pipette bulb

Safety pipette bulb Available in different colours of natural rubber (NR) or silicone (VMQ). One-han...
From SG $8.24

LLG-Safety pipette bulb, rubber, red

LLG-Safety pipette bulb, rubber, red Chemically resistant rubber. With valves for suction, emptying ...
From SG $8.24

Rubber blowballs

Rubber blowballs Non-rigid PVC. Red-brown, smooth. With 6mm i.d. outlet hole....
From SG $6.18

Pipette bulbs

Pipette bulbs Rubber. For quick and easy pipetting. Colour coding to prevent confusion....
From SG $3.09