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Calorimeter C 6000 global standards Package 1/10 with chiller

The C 6000 global standards oxygen bomb calorimeter combines modern technology, variability and automation (adiabatic, isoperibol; dynamic modes) in one instrument
From SG $87,901.23

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882 Measurement Scales: Angle of rotation, specific rotation, International Su...
From SG $30,327.32

Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeter P8000 series The P8000 with a measurement accuracy of ±0.003° and the P8100 t...
From SG $23,897.03

Polarimeter AP-300

Polarimeter AP-300 Model AP-300 is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, ...
From SG $18,346.36

Automatic Polarimeter P3000

Automatic Polarimeter P3000 Polarimeter without sample temperature control for standard applications...
From SG $15,098.77

Polarimeter Polax-2L

Polarimeter Polax-2L The Polax-2L (manually-operating meter with digital indicator) is widely used i...
From SG $8,736.46

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo All-in-One refractometer and polarimeter hybrid unit. Only 3 ...
From SG $2,553.37

Polarimeter PL1

Polarimeter PL1 Simple and sturdy instrument to measure the rotation angle of optically active subst...
From SG $971.29

Hand spectroscopes

Hand spectroscopes Handy and precise. Angle dispersion C -F: 7°. Linear dispersion: 60 mm (direc...
From SG $387.28