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Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900

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Product Choices ( 2 Options)
Product Choices ( 2 Options)

Rotary evaporator RC 900

Info: Rotary evaporator RC 900

Part #:

7.660 052

(Mfr #: RC 900)

Ships in 3-4 weeks
Ships in 3-4 weeks

SG $8,653.00

Rotary evaporator RC 600

Info: Rotary evaporator RC 600

Part #:

6.269 371

(Mfr #: RC 600)

Ships in 2-3 weeks
Ships in 2-3 weeks

SG $7,107.70

Product Overview
Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900
RC 600
Fit for purpose

All functions operated centrally via membrane keypad providing exceptional ease of use
Comprehensively robust
Device design and details were especially developed for intensive use
Safe and compact
Cordless heating bath with pour spout, fixed tube guide, easy flask exchange - typical hazards eliminated thanks to well thought out safety features

RC 900
Sleek design, minimum footprint

The RC 900 takes up very little space and offers maximum ease of use
Whisper quiet for a pleasant working environment
The lift and rotation of the RC 900 are virtually silent
Versatile use, simple operation
The system offers central remote control for all functions, and operation via touchscreen and control knob. Stepless adjustable flask inclination.
Heating bath: heating bath temperature 20 to 180 °C
Coolant supply (chilled condenser)
Permissible pressure:
Permissible temperature:
Cooled surface area: 3 bar
15 °C to +20 °C
1230 cm²
Parameters of evaporation flask
Size of evaporation flask:
Rotational speed:
Length of stroke:
Lifting speed: 50 - 3000 ml
25 - 250 rpm
150 mm
approx 38mm/s
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Without glassware RC 900 / RC 600:
With glassware RC 900 / RC 600: 431 x 447 x 464 mm / 431 x 453 x 464 mm
487 x 447 x 823 mm / 487 x 453 x 823 mm
Weight: 9.1kg

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