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Atago Refractometer - Use Atago Refractometers When Quality Matters

Atago Refractometer and Atago Brix Refractometer - The Worlds Best Refractometers

Atago refractometers and polarimeters and the popular handheld PAL refractometer range are the world leader in refractometry, including urine refractometers, pen refractometers, handheld refractometers and benchtop refractometers to suit a variety of applications including sports, vineyards and research.

LabFriend offers a wide range of Atago refractometers

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Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Ethyl alcohol Meter

Refractometer for ethyl alcohol measurement
From SG $571.65

NaCI Solution (Salt Meter calibration)

NaCI Solution (Salt Meter calibration)
From SG $123.60

ES-241 Digital Benchtop Salt Meter

The digital salt-meter, ES-421 employs a funnel-shaped sensor section (conductivity), which measures the salt % of a sample (dilute solution of soy sauce, ketchup,mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, sqeezed juice of pickles, etc.) very small sample needed (1.0mL approx. is enough for measurement).
From SG $1,668.60

Digital Hand-held Pocket Refractometer PAL series

For measurement of various high concentration samples such as jam, marmalade, jelly, honey, concentrated juice or acidity and salinity.
From SG $899.19

Assorted parts, accessories, spares, and components for Atago products.

Need something not on the list? Send us an email with the manufacturer's part number and we'll do what we can to source it!
From SG $170.98

Abbe refractometers, NAR-1T series / NAR-2T / NAR-3T

Abbe refractometers, NAR-1T series / NAR-2T / NAR-3T Type NAR-1T-Liquid: The Abbe Rerfactometer fo...
From SG $6,354.07

Digital Abbe refractometer, DR-A1-Plus

Digital Abbe refractometer, DR-A1-Plus Very simple operation, where only the refraction boundary lin...
From SG $10,324.72

Digital bench refractometer, Smart-1

Digital bench refractometer, Smart-1 The Smart-1 is an automatic refractometer with an extra-wide me...
From SG $9,530.59

Digital Refractometer RX-5000 / RX-5000Alpha / RX-5000Alpha Plus/RX-9000Alpha

Digital Refractometer RX-5000 / RX-5000Alpha / RX-5000Alpha Plus/RX-9000Alpha The RX-5000, RX-5000 A...
From SG $15,884.66

Digital refractometers

Digital refractometers Type PR-32α Can be used to measure fruit juices, soft drinks, diluted...
From SG $1,225.70
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