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Funnels available in paper, plastic, steel or glass. Funnel stands and holders also available to match. Available in Brand, Duran, Kartell, Lenz and more.

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Dispensing funnel

Dispensing funnel Dispensing funnel for powdered substances. Offset pattern, constructed in borosili...
From SG $851.81

Filter funnel, vacuum

Filter funnel, vacuum This filter funnel, which is designed for normal and low pressure, is made of ...
From SG $698.34

Three-piece funnels, Hartley-type

Three-piece funnels, Hartley-type Borosilicate glass with acrylic support plate for filter paper. Ca...
From SG $310.03

Special funnel for powder, 18/10 stainless steel

Special funnel for powder, 18/10 stainless steel Straight tube outlet....
From SG $292.52

Filter funnel stands

Filter funnel stands PP holder mounted on a stand with 12.7 x 595 mm aluminium rod and heavy cast ba...
From SG $275.01

Funnel stands LaboPlast ® , PP

Funnel stands LaboPlast ® , PP White, unbreakable, chemically resistant. For 2 or 4 funnels. Rob...
From SG $164.80

Disposable paper funnel Eco-smartFunnel™

Disposable paper funnel Eco-smartFunnel™ Supplied flat-pack to minimize storage space and keep...
From SG $99.91

Teclu burners with gas tap

Funnels, Borosilicate glass 3.3., fluted interior For rapid filtration Angled at 60° Ground ...
From SG $95.79

Funnels general purpose

Funnels general purpose Borosilicate glass. All funnel types have short stems and 60 degree bowl ang...
From SG $54.59

Analytical funnels, DURAN ®

Analytical funnels, DURAN ® For rapid filtration. Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP a...
From SG $53.56

Funnel holder, chromated steel

Funnel holder, chromated steel Adjustable height 140 to 220 mm. Inner diameter upper ring: 46 mm. Ou...
From SG $53.56

Funnels acc. to Dr. Hirsch, porcelain

Funnels acc. to Dr. Hirsch, porcelain Diameter refers to the filter plates....
From SG $52.53