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Laboratory and Furnace Crucibles - Porcelain, Lead, Nickle, Steel and Iron

High Quality Porcelain Crucibles and Furnace Crucibles.

Laboratory crucibles and combustion crucibles suitable for high temperature furnaces and ovens made from porcelain, lead, nickle, iron and stainless steel. Lids and melting boats available. Quality crucibles from Haldenwanger are best in class and the preffered choice for researchers and manufacturers around the world.

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Combustion boats

Combustion boats Unglazed porcelain. With eyehole....
From SG $771.47

Crucibles, silica

Crucibles, silica Tall form. Sizes and capacities as indicated....
From SG $101.97

Crucibles, nickel

Crucibles, nickel 99.6 % nickel. Wall thickness 0.5 - 2 mm. Please order lid separately....
From SG $85.49

Magnesia trays

From SG $80.34

Magnesia rods

Magnesia rods For flame tests....
From SG $72.10

Silica crucibles

Silica crucibles Translucent silica, 99.8% SiO2. Can be used continually at temperatures of up to 10...
From SG $64.89

Sand bath dishes

Sand bath dishes 18/10 steel. Hemispherical. With flat base....
From SG $63.86

Crucibles, Alsint, wide form

Crucibles, Alsint, wide form Conical. For use up to approx. 1700°C. Al 2 O 3 content 99.7%....
From SG $38.11

Crucibles, Alsint, tall form

Crucibles, Alsint, tall form Conical. Max. 1700°C. Al 2 O 3 99.7%....
From SG $35.02

ALSINT crucibles

ALSINT crucibles Cylindrical form. For temperatures up to 1700 °C. Al 2 O 3 content: 99,7 %....
From SG $31.93

Incinerating boats, porcelain, with loop handle

Incinerating boats, porcelain, with loop handle Glazed porcelain....
From SG $30.90