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Trace Analysis Accessories

Trace Analysis Accessories

PTFE Accessories including boiling stones, stirrers, forces and rods

Trace analysis accessories including PTFE boiling stones, dippers, forceps, stirrers, filters, and rods

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Sampler ViscoSampler, PTFE/FEP

Sampler ViscoSampler, PTFE/FEP Ultra-pure sampler with powerful suction for tough substances. Specia...
From SG $557.23

Sampler LiquiSampler, PTFE/FEP

Sampler LiquiSampler, PTFE/FEP DIN 53242. For liquids. Made of ultra pure and chemically inert PTFE...
From SG $416.12

Forceps, PTFE

Forceps, PTFE Made from PTFE resin with an encapsulated metal insert for strength. Chemically inert ...
From SG $339.90

Bytac ® Bench protectors

Bytac ® Bench protectors Bytac ® Bench protectors, FEP Film with Vinyl or Aluminum Backing...
From SG $156.56

Dipper/Sieve Chemware ® , PFA

Dipper/Sieve Chemware ® , PFA Resistant to most chemicals, the articles are ideal for ultra-pure...
From SG $121.54

Raschig Rings for distillation, PTFE

Raschig Rings for distillation, PTFE Packing for distillation columns Chemically inert High surf...
From SG $79.31

Tong, PTFE fluoropolymer, coated

Tong, PTFE fluoropolymer, coated The stainless steel tongs are covered with extra-heavy, non-stick P...
From SG $50.47

Balls, PTFE

Balls, PTFE PTFE balls minimize "bumping" during boiling. They are inert and can be used up to 288&d...
From SG $39.14

Spatulas, PTFE fluoropolymer, coated

Spatulas, PTFE fluoropolymer, coated These spatulas are designed for use in the most severe laborato...
From SG $37.08

Boiling Stones, PTFE

Boiling Stones, PTFE Ultra-pure, virgin PTFE chips promote gentle, efficient boiling and help preven...
From SG $36.05

DURAN PURE Premium lip seal cap, GL 45, PFA

DURAN PURE Premium lip seal cap, GL 45, PFA Consequently the DURAN PURE premium lip seal cap is part...
From SG $35.02

Stirrers, PTFE

Stirrers, PTFE These stirrers are ideal for scraping precipitates and residues. Chisel tip on one en...
From SG $32.96
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