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Washers, disinfectors

Washers, Disinfectors, and Flash Dryers

Keep your laboratory sterile and pristine with our range of washer, disinfectors and glash dryers, with plenty of accessories available such as screen cleaners with antistatic agent, spray bottle, attachments, racks and adapters to cater to any and all styles of glassware, vessel or consumable.

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Washer-disinfector PG 8583 / PG 8583 CD / PG 8593

Washer-disinfector PG 8583 / PG 8583 CD / PG 8593 PG 8583 Capacity per cycle: e.g. 128 laboratory...
From SG $10,832.51

Dryer, Nelldorn

Dryer, Nelldorn Bench, or wall mounting. For drying flasks, cylinders, etc. Compact metal frame with...
From SG $3,415.48

Washer-disinfector PG 8535

Washer-disinfector PG 8535 Compact high-tech lab washer with freely programmable controls for the r...
From SG $328.57

Accessories for Miele Laboratory Washers and Disinfectors

Accessories for Mielabor washing and disinfecting machines Miele Professional offers a wide range of...
From SG $106.09