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Workshop tools

Workshop tools commonly found in the laboratory including pliers, allen keys, hammers, tongs, flashlights, calipers and more. Every Laboratory should have a tool kit handy

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Laboratory tool box

Laboratory tool box 12 piece ring/open end spanner set: 1 piece each in sizes 6mm to 15mm, 17mm and ...
From SG $370.80

Vernier calliper gauge, digital

Vernier calliper gauge, digital Stainless steel, with 5 digit LCD display. Accuracy ± 0.03mm,...
From SG $224.54

Vernier caliper gauge

Vernier caliper gauge DIN 862. Stainless steel, hardened. Scale marked in black. With thumb-wheel an...
From SG $196.73

Double-ended ring spanner set

Double-ended ring spanner set Chrome vanadium steel. Complies with DIN 838. Drop-forged, chromium-pl...
From SG $145.23

Precision engineer's set

Precision engineer's set With 1/4'' square drive, 36-piece set. Includes 4mm - 13mm sockets, screwdr...
From SG $138.02

Screwdriver set

Screwdriver set Hardened, chrome vanadium molybdenum steel. With impact-resistant, cadmium-free, pla...
From SG $124.63

Combination spanner set

Combination spanner set Chrome vanadium steel. Complies with DIN 3113. Comprises of 8 spanners, 8mm,...
From SG $110.21

Electronics screwdriver set with rack

Electronics screwdriver set with rack 6-piece screwdriver set consisting of: 4 flat screwdrivers: 2....
From SG $96.82

Mini screwdriver set

Mini screwdriver set Screwdriver set, 6 pieces in plastic case....
From SG $90.64

Double open-ended spanner set

Double open-ended spanner set Chrome vanadium steel. Complies with DIN 3110. Drop-forged, chromium-p...
From SG $83.43

Universal holding tongs

Universal holding tongs Wironit CrNi 18/12. Straight, with triangular stirrup jaws....
From SG $77.25

LED-Flashlight, Lumatic Extreme

LED-Flashlight, Lumatic Extreme Super bright illumination range up to 200m, zoom for diffused light ...
From SG $74.16
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